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Clean laboratory design specifications

| 2016-01-19

All clean laboratories must comply with the current national standards and the limits of materials and materials, Tianjin clean laboratory decorative materials and sealing materials shall not be used to release a variety of indoor products affect the quality of material material, hope all the clean laboratory Staff can understand.

  First, the clean interior walls and ceiling decoration should meet the following requirements:

  1. Clean interior walls and ceiling surfaces should be smooth, smooth, dusty, glare-free, easy to remove dust, and should be reduced convex surface.

  2. Baseboard should not highlight the wall.

  3. Clean room should not be used masonry plaster wall, when it is necessary to adopt the drying operation, plastering should be used in line with current national standards, "Building Decoration Engineering Quality Acceptance Code" GB 50210 in the senior plaster requirements. After plastering the wall surface should be painted paint, and should be used flame retardant, non-cracking, corrosion-resistant, resistant to washing, smooth surface, easy to water aging metamorphic hair coating.

  Second, the clean room floor should meet the following requirements:

  1. Clean room floor should meet the production process requirements.

  2. Clean room floor should be smooth, wear-resistant, easy to clean, no cracking, and difficult to accumulate static electricity.

  3. The ground cushion should be reinforced, humid areas should be moisture-proof cushion.

  Third, the clean workshop technology Intercalated walls and ceiling surface should be smooth, smooth, located in the ground floor of the technical mezzanine should be taken waterproof or moisture-proof, anti-mildew measures.

  Fourth, the clean room (area) and the staff to clean the room to set the outer window should be used double glass fixed windows, and should have a good air tightness.

  Fifth, the clean room should be closed towards the room with a high degree of cleanliness of the air to open the door, and should be equipped with door closers, windowless clean room should be provided on the closed door observation window.

  Sixth, clean room doors and windows, walls, roofs and other design should meet the following requirements:

  1. Clean room doors and windows, walls, ceiling, floor (floor) and construction cracks should take reliable sealing measures.

  2. When using lightweight construction of the roof to do technical mezzanine, mezzanine should be set up overhaul access.

  3. Clean room windows should be flush with the interior walls, should not be located windowsill.

  Seven, clean interior color should be elegant and soft. The light reflection coefficient of indoor ceiling and wall surface material is 0.6-0.8, and the light reflection coefficient of ground surface material is preferably 0.15-0.35.

  Eight, cleanliness levels of cleanrooms in strict accordance with the 8th class of walls and roofs should adopt light wall.

  Nine, the burning properties of interior decoration materials must comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standard "Fire Code for the Design of Interior Decoration" GM 50222. The smoke density grade of the decoration materials should not be greater than 50, and the smoke density level test of the material complies with the relevant provisions of the current national standard GB / T 8627, Test Method for Smoke Density of Burning or Decomposing Building Materials.


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