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    Since our company unveiled the self-developed combined air-conditioner in 1983, the technicians of our company keep learning advanced technique and concept at home and abroad to develop the constant temperature and humidity purifier and grade P3 minus pressure safety workbench in line with the situation of our country by ourselves. Grade P3 Minus Pressure Safety Biological Lab of Military Medicine Institute of PLA of China designed and manufactured by the technicians of our company as participants provides safe, reliable and comfortable working environment for the scientific research personnel engaged in various virus and bacteria and dissolved air, and obtained Science & Technology Progress Award (second class) of PLA of China in May 1991. Meanwhile, the clean workshop of medicine industry designed and installed by our company and clean operating department project of hospital passed the authentication of GMP system of China and obtained favorable comments from users.
    With continuous economic development of our country, our company further speeds up the research and development of clean technology, keeps innovating based on widely learning advanced technology and design concept in the world to make purification equipment multi-oriented, automatic and professional and produces eight series of purification equipments and fittings including 120-plus varieties with self -dominated intellectual property in cooperation with Germany KELLER Air Purification Technology Co., Ltd. (KELLER)to meet the technical requirement of purification room and lab in the industry of medicine, hospital, biology, electronics, food and cosmetics comprehensively. Upon the test made by the Test Center of China Architecture Institute, grade 10 and grade 1000 constant temperature and humidity clean workshop designed and constructed by ourselves is up to standard of eligibility and well received. At present, the sales network of our company has spread 20-plus provinces, cities and municipalities nationwide.
    In order to completely carry out the policy of “high quality is the commitment of Huatai and paramount service is the goal of Huatai”, all staff members of our company strictly implements the standard of ISO9000, keep adopting new technology, new process and new materials to make unremitting efforts to the cleaning technique of our country.

    Wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign users to use our products and cooperate with us.

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