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Which fume hoods are commonly used in the lab

| 2015-12-15

At present, there are many fume hoods on the market that can be placed in the lab, and the influence of each fume hood on the lab is different. In fact, the fume hood commonly used in the lab of Tianjin Purification Project generally has the following six types, the following is We briefly hope that I hope will be helpful to you.

1. Items pumping hoods:

Entry-style fume hood for heat generated by the occasion. Features are simple structure, easy to manufacture.

2. Make-up fume hood:

For laboratories or clean laboratories with air conditioning systems, the use of make-up fume hoods saves energy without affecting the airflow in the room.

3. Activities fume hood:

Movable fume hoods are commonly used in general labs such as test halls and are made of wood, plastic or light metal for easy movement. Such as: experimental bench, basin fume hood and other equipment can be moved at any time, when not in need can also be pushed into the adjacent storage room.

4. Bypass fume hood:

Bypass type fume hood will be fully closed when the door, it will not affect the indoor ventilation, so when the laboratory to consider the range of fume hood to exclude indoor air, the use of such fume hood is ideal.

5. Slot-type fume hood:

Slotted fume hoods have vent slots on the top and rear of the fume hood. The structure is more complex production is also more troublesome, but for a variety of conditions can get good results.

6. Natural ventilation fume hood:

Natural ventilation fume hoods can not be used in experiments with high toxicity and no heat, and some rooms are not suitable for summer use. However, natural ventilation fume hood has many advantages, such as: day and night continuous ventilation without electricity (measured indoor ventilation up to 6 times / h), no mechanical equipment, simple structure, noise and vibration, easy maintenance, Low cost.


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